Founded in 2005 by brothers Lorne and Steven Miller and headquartered in Montreal, Construx is a boutique construction and development company serving clients throughout Ontario and Quebec. Construx’s mission is to design, build and own outstanding real estate and to exceed clients’ and tenants’ expectations through a dual emphasis on engineering and aesthetics and a passion for the incorporation of innovative technological processes and means of collaboration. 

As a general contractor, Construx’s senior management and its team of seasoned construction professionals take responsibility for all aspects of their client’s projects – labor, materials, equipment, services, budget and schedule management. Construx oversees the daily operations of the construction site, manages the hiring and working relationships of vendors and trades and establishes and maintains ongoing communication with clients at each stage of the construction process - in addition to ensuring every project is delivered on time and on budget. 

As the Construx senior management team, Lorne and Steven feel personal ownership for all of their projects, which is reflected in Construx’s customer service excellence, their emphasis on problem-solving, their team’s attention to detail and Construx’s commitment to treat their clients’ challenges as their own.





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